D&G open house

We travel to the D&G factory in Montreal for their open house in May. The main reason was to sign up to be a dealer for Dominion & Grimm which we did. We were also interested in seeing their new wood pellet fired evaporator that they had boiling during the show. We prefer to burn wood chips and were told that a wood chip version was in the works. The unique feature of this evaporator is that the fuel is fed from the back and the front also has a door for loading firewood. If you were to run out of chips you can keep going by burning firewood. We have had a few good seasons when we were getting close to running out of wood chips and the option of a dual fuel burner is something that we would like to have. Next year we may replace our home made wood chip burner with the D&G wood chip version if it works out. A picture of one is on our equipment page.

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